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The National Fire Protection Association requires all gas fireplaces to be inspected and serviced annually. One of the byproducts of natural gas combustion is water. While we as humans need water to survive, water can be extremely damaging to fireplaces. Gas fireplaces have electrical and moving parts and over time, water can corrode those parts therefore preventing them from running optimally or even ruining them entirely.

Our gas fireplace cleaning and maintenance encompass the following services:

  • Gas Connection Inspection and repair (if necessary)
  • Glassdoor interior and exterior cleaning
  • Gasket replacement (if necessary)
  • Soot clean-up from logs and burners
  • Replacement of ember material
  • Electronic parts maintenance
  • Thermocouple and thermopyle cleaned and inspected
  • Diagnosis of performance problems
  • Questions answered and instructions provided

Our qualified technicians will come to you and inspect and service your fireplace to ensure it is running safely and optimally.

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